Q. How much will it cost to repair my wheel?

A. This is a tricky one as every wheel and it’s damage is different.  Prices range from $40 for a simple machining of the lips of a rim, up to $300 (or more) for fully reconditioning, including paint, clear coating & polishing, to make the wheels look like a brand new set. We will give you a quote on the spot when you bring your wheel in as we need to spin it to check for buckles and other damage that may not be obvious while the wheel is still on the vehicle.

Email us a photo of your damaged rim and we can give you a rough estimate on pricing before you bring it in (or courier it) to our workshop.

Q. I don't live in Auckland. Can I still have my wheel repaired by Arrow Wheels?

A. Yes. A large portion of our repair work comes from all over the North Island.  The time taken to get your fixed/refurbished wheel back to you will be slightly longer depending on the courier service where you live.
Our delivery address for your wheels is:
Arrow Wheels, 6D Westech Place, KelstonWest, Auckland

Q. How long will repairs take?

A. Usually the turnaround time from arriving at our workshop to being ready for fitment back onto your car is 2 to 3 working days. This can vary depending upon how much work needs to be done on the rim (does it need painting, clear coating, welding, polishing, old paint stripped off?).  Generally speaking if you have your rim into us by Monday afternoon you should have it back by Wednesday lunchtime.

Q. Do I need to leave my car with you?

A. Usually not. We can lend you a wheel from our stock of “loaner” wheels, or if we don’t have your fitment we can put your spare wheel on your car for you. In some instances when all four wheels are being refurbished at once a customer may decide to leave their vehicle in our well maintained and secure workshop.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

A. Most of the time you don’t. Just bring your wheel in and we will quote for you right there and then … it’s that simple. However if you are planning to leave your car with us then it is a good idea to phone us first to make sure we have enough space to store your vehicle – we sometimes have several cars being worked on at the same time.

Q. Do you paint wheels?

A. Yes we do. We have two full time experienced painters and  a brand new state-of-the-art full down-draft spray booth on site which can provide a high quality, durable paint finish to your wheels.
See question below for examples of different types of paint finishes that can be achieved.

Q. Can I bring my wheel in with the tyre still on it?

A. Yes you can. We have the facilities to remove your tyre safely, store it for you, and refit and balance it onto your newly repaired rim.

Q. Can you repair my wheel while I wait?

A. Not usually. The majority of repairs require some degree of technical expertise which can’t be provided with a 15 minute “while you wait” type of service. We want to get your wheel fixed right the first time and therefore need some time to do this.

Q. My car is at the panel shop being repaired. Why don't I just let them repair my wheels instead?

A. Most of the reputable panel shops send their customers wheels to us for repair anyway. We specialise in the repair and refurbishment of rims and panel shops realise the value of having this part of the repair work done by us. They now can concentrate on the car and we can sort out the wheels!

Q. I'd like to get all four of my wheels refurbished. Can I get them done one at a time?

A. Yes you can. However depending on the type of finish you specify for your rims, having all four refurbished at the same time ensures that there will be no variance in finish, colour etc.
Some customers choose to have two rims repaired at a time.

Q. Can I have my wheels widened?

A. Cast alloy 1 piece wheels are not allowed to be cut and re welded to make wider etc.

Q. Do you make wheel spacers or wheel adaptors?

A. Yes we are able to make wheel spacers from 3mm thick to 10mm thick. These have to be fixed to the hub of the mag. We drill and tap 3 to 4 screws in each spacer to secure to wheel. This will pass a warrant.
Yes we do make Wheel adaptors. The thickness starts at  a minimum of 15mm to a maximum thickness of 29mm.
The wheel spacers and wheel adaptors are all custom made for each job.

Q. Do you re-chrome wheels?

A. No we do not re chrome wheels. If the chrome is coming off, give us a call for some suggestions to fix your problems.

Q. What types of paint finishes are available?

A. Really you are only limited by your imagination and your budget.
The most common finish is silver, but these days many people are opting to have a shadow chrome or brightline finish. We can also colour match to suit your vehicle’s paintwork but this tends to be more expensive due to the extra time required to match and tint the paint.